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AD25 AD36 series adjustable buffer

AD25 AD36 series adjustable buffer

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  • Release date:2020-11-12 09:46:35
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AD14, AD20、AD36

1. 0-270 degree unilateral eccentric adjustment, effectively increasing the adjustment range

2. There are single hole damping structure (- 5 Series) and porous buffer structure, which can be selected according to requirements

3. External pressure cylinder full thread, flexible installation and adjustment

4. Special sealing device and special hydraulic oil combination can improve cushioning performance and service life

AD25 AD36系列可调整式缓冲器

The noise elimination principle and design of the small hole injection muffler is based on the fact that the noise of the centrifugal fan can be reduced by reducing the hole diameter. Under the condition of blocking injection, changing the nozzle aperture can reduce the sound power behind the meter plate of each octave band, and push the octave band to a higher range where the human ear is not sensitive. When the aperture is small (the aperture of 1-2mm is reduced by half, the frequency doubling band and a sound power of small hole noise are reduced by 15dB; when the aperture of muffler in ventilation duct is large (11.8-20.08mm), it is reduced by 9dB; when the aperture is larger (greater than 20.08mm), only 6dB is reduced. When the hole is halved, not only the noise power per unit area can be reduced, but also the central frequency band of sound pressure level can be pushed to the 1-fold band. In this way, the smaller the aperture is, the higher the frequency band of the main component will be. When the central frequency band is above 8000 Hz, the human ear will be insensitive to noise, which can also reduce the subjective sense of noise. Under the condition of maintaining the same flow rate, a large number of small holes can be used instead of a large hole. Its function can not only reduce the a sound level, but also eliminate the impact noise of the injection.


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