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ACD bidirectional buffer series automatic compensation buffer

ACD bidirectional buffer series automatic compensation buffer

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  • Release date:2020-11-12 09:46:21
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1. Suitable for high-speed impact occasions, special for manipulator

2. Special sealing device and special hydraulic oil combination can improve cushioning performance and service life

3. When the impact force at both ends is different, pay attention to the direction during installation

4. Both ends should not be impacted at the same time to avoid damage to internal parts


Small aperture can improve the sound absorption system, because the energy loss of sound wave depends on the friction loss of air in the micropore. The friction loss depends on the sound resistance of the absorbing structure. The larger the manufacturer of acoustic resistance exhaust muffler is, the greater the friction loss is, and the acoustic resistance is inversely proportional to the square of the aperture. As the aperture of the microperforated plate has been reduced to less than 1 mm, the acoustic resistance of the microperforated plate is greatly increased compared with that of the ordinary perforated plate (from a few millimeters to ten millimeters), thus improving the sound absorption system.

Low porosity can increase the absorption bandwidth, because the absorption bandwidth depends on the ratio of sound resistance to sound quality.

The larger the ratio, the wider the absorption band. If the sound resistance can be increased and the sound quality can be reduced, the proportion will be greater. However, the price of the exhaust pipe of the acoustic quality sounder is only related to the porosity, and reducing the porosity can increase the sound absorption bandwidth. Because the ratio of pore center distance to aperture of microperforated panel increases to more than 5-8, the corresponding porosity decreases to 4% - 15%, which is much lower than that of ordinary perforated panel (porosity 20% - 30%). Therefore, the absorption band widens accordingly.


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