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S series oil buffer

S series oil buffer

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  • Release date:2020-11-12 09:46:03
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-S series

1. Nitriding process of external pressure cylinder body, strong anti rust ability

2. A strong buffer zone is set at the end of the stroke about 1-2mm to prevent direct contact with the bottom to damage the product

3. Compact structure, meet the requirements of insufficient installation

4. Non detachable, high safety performance

5. Suitable for high frequency operation, widely used in printing industry


Muffler is an effective device to control the diffusion of aerodynamic noise. It can be regarded as a part of the muffler manufacturer of the pipeline system. The acoustic treatment inside can reduce the generation and propagation of noise without affecting the airflow. The noise attenuation can reach 10-40 dB (a) and the loudness can be reduced by 50% - 93% by installing mufflers at the air flow intersection at the inlet and outlet of pneumatic mechanical equipment. The effect of subjective feeling is obvious.

According to the principle of noise elimination, mufflers can be divided into resistive muffler, reactive muffler, microporous muffler and resistive composite muffler.

The resistive muffler has the characteristics of absorbing medium and high frequency sound and simple manufacturing.

The invention has the characteristics of strong pertinence, good absorption effect of medium and low frequency, and no need of sound absorption material.

Microporous muffler is a new type of muffler, which has the performance of middle low frequency broadband noise elimination. The elbow of main ventilation muffler is used for high pressure and high temperature exhaust and venting of power plant.


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