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Medium automatic compensation buffer

Medium automatic compensation buffer

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  • Release date:2020-11-12 09:45:40
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1. Automatic compensation structure can meet the requirements of absorption under different conditions

2. A strong buffer zone is set at the end of the stroke about 1-2mm to prevent direct contact with the bottom to damage the product

3. Special sealing device and special hydraulic oil combination can improve cushioning performance and service life

4. External pressure cylinder full thread, flexible installation hole


Shock absorber, also known as hydraulic shock absorber and shock absorber, uses the damping and buffering effect of liquid and oil to convert kinetic energy of objects in the movement of steam exhaust muffler into heat energy and release it into the atmosphere.

It can effectively reduce the vibration and noise of automatic machinery, make the object balance and effectively stop moving, improve the mechanical efficiency, increase the production capacity, prolong the service life of the machine, and reduce the maintenance cost, which is very practical. Keep the machine running smoothly, keep the quality of machine products, and avoid the peculiar smell of machine operation. Relax the working environment of employees, improve their work efficiency and enhance the competitiveness of muffler exhaust pipe enterprises. Second, understand the structure and principle of the oil pressure buffer device: the main structure of the oil buffer is the body, axis, bearing, inner tube, piston, hydraulic shaft, spring, etc. when the impact of external force on the axis makes the piston squeeze out of the hydraulic oil in the inner pipe, the hydraulic oil is discharged from the oil drain hole of the inner pipe, at the same time, it flows back to the inner pipe through the oil drain hole of the inner pipe; when the external force disappears, the piston will squeeze the hydraulic oil out of the inner pipe The oil drain hole of the inner pipe rebounds the piston return point and waits for the next action.

According to this principle, the oil pressure buffer device can effectively balance the moving objects.


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