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Small and medium sized automatic compensation buffer

Small and medium sized automatic compensation buffer

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  • Release date:2020-11-12 09:45:29
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1. Automatic compensation structure, to meet the requirements of energy absorption under different conditions

2. AC-2 / 3 Series stroke end 1-2mm is designed with strong buffer to prevent direct contact with the bottom of the product

3. Special sealing device and special hydraulic oil combination can improve buffer energy injection and service life

4. External pressure cylinder full thread, flexible installation and adjustment


After knowing the function of oil buffer, how to select oil buffer? Firstly, the kinetic energy generated by moving object is calculated, and then the effective weight value is calculated according to the actual moving speed of the object. In the calculation of physical energy, the physical energy is generated by the weight and speed of the object itself. The working energy of E1 = 0.5xwx is generated by the propulsion force and the stroke of the oil buffer, E2 = FX, SE1 + E2 is the total energy of physical energy and working energy, E3 = E1 + E2 is the heat energy, and the thermal energy is released simultaneously by the external force of the oil pressure buffer, and the total heat energy is the total energy of x per hour, E4 = e3xc, and the oil pressure is slow The effective weight of stainless steel muffler: we (2 × E3) × V2 the weight felt when working. If the effective weight is calculated, the appropriate oil pressure buffer can be found in each page


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