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Miniature automatic compensation buffer

Miniature automatic compensation buffer

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  • Release date:2020-11-10 11:34:07
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1. Small size, compact structure, suitable for narrow space

2. Non detachable, high safety performance

3. External pressure cylinder full thread, flexible installation and adjustment

4. The load can not directly act on the end face, which will easily cause the end face deformation and affect the stroke recovery


Oil buffer is widely used in domestic automatic machinery, but it is very rare to know the specific role of stainless steel muffler in manufacturing oil pressure buffer. The oil damper can effectively absorb the vibration and noise generated by high-speed movement, convert kinetic energy into heat energy, and release it in the atmosphere. Therefore, it can stop the object smoothly and effectively in each action. In the past, many manufacturers only used Pu rubber, spring and other stainless steel mufflers to cushion, but the effect is not obvious, and the noise still can not improve the efficiency, The use of oil pressure buffer can effectively solve the disadvantages of poor buffering, reduce vibration and noise in automatic mechanical operation, convert kinetic energy generated by moving objects into heat energy, release them in the atmosphere, effectively stop the balance of objects in action, and effectively solve the shortcomings of poor buffering and improve mechanical efficiency.


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