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How to deal with the secondary filter screen fouling and debris blocking mesh? Stainless steel muffler manufacturers tell you

2020-09-15 20:27:52


Stage filter is mainly composed of filter, shell, worm gear box, water outlet, transmission shaft, water outlet and electric drive.

The filter is composed of framework, mesh plate and reinforcing plate. The whole filter has enough rigidity and strength. The material of the grid is stainless steel, which is welded on the frame. The drilling diameter of the grid is Φ 6 mm - Φ 10 mm (optional). The marine mesh plate is made of high quality stainless steel.

The shell is made of high quality steel plate. Each part of the front and rear shell is welded with a bearing pedestal connected by a supporting reinforcing plate. The blowing out rotating body is supported by it, and the bearing seat of pipe muffler is equipped with polymer nylon bearing, etc. Sacrificial anodes should be installed in the seawater type shell and coated with anti-corrosion paint or made of materials above 1gr18ni9ti. The drain is long and located above the filter inlet. The scraper of the sewage tank rotates with the filter screen surface and is connected with the sewage pipe, and the sewage pipe is externally connected with a sewage valve.

When the filter screen is blocked by dirt or debris on the surface of the filter screen, when the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the filter screen increases to a certain value, the blowdown valve should be opened. Because the catalytic muffler blowdown pipe is connected with the condenser outlet pipe, the pressure in the blowdown tank is rapidly reduced. At the same time, the blowdown tank rotates, so that the dirt in the filter screen area is discharged from the body under the scraper scraping and reverse flow scouring. When discharging gas, the electric drive device drives the vent tank to rotate slowly through the worm; clean up the garbage on the filter screen, drain the sewage, turn off the drain valve, and stop the rotation electrically.

Sound elimination muffler. The anti spray resistance muffler has good noise elimination effect at all frequencies.

When pipelines in adjacent rooms collude with each other, attention should be paid to the mutual influence of indoor noise through pipelines, and the air outlet should be silenced when necessary.

The suitable wind speed of mufflers is generally 6 ~ 8m / s, which can not exceed 12m / s. meanwhile, Chongqing muffler should pay attention to prevent air pressure loss.

Noise elimination equipment, such as muffler, must have independent load-bearing boom or base; and it must be connected with sound source equipment through soft connection.



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Ningbo Fenghua Yongqiang Filtration Equipment Co.,

Add:Block 7-1, No.299, Siming East Road, Jiangkou street, Fenghua District, Ningbo



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