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What should be considered in designing safety valve silencers? Copper sintering muffler manufacturers tell you

2020-09-15 19:43:18

The sound attenuator is a kind of special equipment which can prevent the sound transmission, make the air flow through and prevent the dynamic noise of the air flow. It is mainly used to reduce the jet noise generated by the exhaust and venting of various harmless pressure gas silencers, such as boiler, steam turbine, steam generator, steam pipe network, compressed air, etc. It is widely used in boiler exhaust and other gas silencing emission in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile and other industries. The safety valve muffler is small in size, light in weight, simple in structure, and easy to process, install and maintain.


The design of shock absorber should consider the following three aspects:

Excessive noise should be avoided as far as possible after silencing, and the amount of noise elimination should conform to the hygienic standard for noise of industrial enterprises.

Must be rust proof, anti blocking, high temperature, high pressure, high air flow.

The discharge amount of excretion and blockage and excretion should be consistent with the safety valve.

It is mainly used for noise reduction of boiler steam emissions and other gas emissions in power plant, petrochemical, nonferrous metal smelting, paper making, textile printing and dyeing industries. This is an important measure to eliminate steam emission noise. First of all, it is used to eliminate the steam emission from boilers and steam turbines in industrial sectors such as power generation, chemical industry, metallurgy, textile, etc. It is developed according to the principle of anti noise, spray noise and resistance. It has the advantages of large noise reduction, small volume, light weight and convenient installation.

On this basis, the reasonable design principle of the system is put forward. In the muffler, the high-pressure steam enters into the pressure reducing body after once controlling the flow, and forms the low-pressure steam microporous plate muffler after large volume expansion, and then ejects. In this process, part of the internal energy of the steam flow is converted into sound energy of a certain frequency. Although the sound energy is greatly reduced, the noise is often caused by the exhaust steam not conforming to the design value.



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Ningbo Fenghua Yongqiang Filtration Equipment Co.,

Add:Block 7-1, No.299, Siming East Road, Jiangkou street, Fenghua District, Ningbo



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